Plumeria Rainbow Fairies

The Fairies of Unicorn Square feature a synergy of lavender aromatherapy, rose quartz crystal hearts for unconditional love and positive messages delivered via the quiver in their wings. Each fairy comes with Unicorn Square stationary which a child is able to write a note to their fairy, roll it up and place it in the quiver of its’ wings.

The child wakes up in the morning with a written reply from their fairy; a positive message of encouragement ranging from "You are beautiful inside and out" "Today will be an awesome day!" or "Notice how you feel when you make good choices!"

The fairies are your child's best friend, confidant and grandest cheerleader. ***Replies are written by children’s guardians or parents channeling their inner fairy. 

This happy group of fairies all share the same plumeria fabric pattern and come in seven colors of the rainbow. Adopt one or all seven to have a rainbow set!

Other features include merino wool hair and magnetic rainbow hematite hands, so they can hold hands with each other, hug a tree, fold their own hands together, or they can be silly and hang on your refrigerator or any metal surface!