Welcome to Unicorn Square

My name is Bridget ~ Liaison to Fairies and Unicorns

Most stories like to begin with "Once upon a time...." However, I know the exact date that this story begins, sunrise on the morning of May 2, 2013; my life changed forever.

I woke up in my new home which was a second-floor studio apartment of a renovated barn. I looked out the window to the most magnificent view I could ever have imagined and I saw ......... a unicorn! Unicorn Square

After that morning magic started to happen all around me and it is magnificent. It inspired me to create interpretations of what I see in nature. 

The first item I created was a fairy that my Great Grandma had sewn for my mother in the 1950's. It was a very long process recreating them and filling them up with nature's magic and positive energy. Eventually, I began sewing them for friends and then thought I should share their magic with more people around the world. 

I sit outside with the fairies and unicorns at Unicorn Square often and the greatest messages they share with me is that of the importance of self-acceptance, gratitude, and marveling at nature's magic! 


Bridget Hinman of Unicorn SquareThis is me ...Bridget Hinman  I landed on Maui by accident; only there are no accidents. My passion is developing Unicorn Square as a way to bring encouraging messages of peace and happiness to the world. It has been an exceptional journey bringing my vision to life. I do not own a TV therefore my entertainment is my imagination and the magic of nature.

I was once dubbed the Human Sparkle by my dear friends and that has now become my favorite description of who I am and hopes to be to everyone I meet. Previously I was the Director of our local Haiku Boys and Girls Club and currently serves as the PTA President of the Haiku Elementary School. I am also a Certified Fairyologist, too.

Bridget Hinman is a certified fairyologistWhen not creating fairies at Unicorn Square, I enjoy swimming in the ocean and running with the purple dragonflies at a secret magical spot on the island of Maui. Oh, and I also love to hear the whales sing when they arrive each winter.