Green Plumeria Rainbow Fairy - Unicorn Square
Green Plumeria Rainbow Fairy - Unicorn Square
Green Plumeria Rainbow Fairy - Unicorn Square
Green Plumeria Rainbow Fairy - Unicorn Square
Green Plumeria Rainbow Fairy - Unicorn Square

Green Plumeria Rainbow Fairy

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Each  Heirloom Fairy is hand-made on Maui at Unicorn Square and is full of positive energy and gifts from Mother Nature.
The fairies share happy messages, self-acceptance, gratitude and nature's magicNurture your child's imagination through the magic of fairies and Unicorn Square!
Fairy Hearts:
  • A Rose Quartz Crystal Heart is sewn inside each fairy. Rose Quartz Crystal is the most protective of all crystals and represents unconditional love, infinite peace, and happiness. Rose quartz is used to raise self-acceptance and a strong sense of self-worth. Its loving energies teach us to apply this love to ourselves. Bringing love into life and daily situations not only brings inner warmth, but it also lowers stress and soothes those around it.
  • Specifically chosen for their fairy; the crystal heart has been cleansed in the ocean waters at Ho'okipa Beach, charged in the Maui sun for three days and one full moon charge.
  • Each fairy heart was placed with the intention that it needs to be recharged frequently in the sun. Therefore each fairy requires the sun to charge its positive energy. You may find the sun will recharge your energy too.
Fairy Messages:
  • Use the quiver in our wings to exchange positive messages with the fairies. Each night the fairy will respond to any message your child may write.
  • The fairies do not judge or spy yet are always there when you want them. The fairies are about positivity, happy messages, and simply reminding us that tomorrow is another chance to play again. They are 100% on your child's team.
  • Unicorn Square 3" x 5" mini notepad for creating the messages is included.
  • Fairy wings are removable.
Fairy Hats:
  • Our hats have calming dried lavender inside them from Ali'i Kula Lavender Farm on Maui.

Fairy Features:

  • Fairy faces are varying shades of purple.
  • Hair is natural 100% merino wool.
  • Each hand has magnetic rainbow hematite. Perfect for folding their arms around their legs, hanging from a tree or indoors on any metal surface.
  • The cotton fabric of each fairy is sourced from fabric shop on Maui.
  • Approximately 18" tall.
  • Comes wrapped in a colorful organza bag.
  • Fairy originally was created by my Grandmother Lilie May Loving sometime in the 50's.
  • Designed on Maui by Bridget Hinman.
  • Hand-cut, hand sewn, hand-painted, and hand embroidered with lots of light & love, good energy, and positive wishes.
The Plumeria is abundant in Hawaii and smells like no other flower in the world! They are AMAZING! Each color has its own unique fragrance; some plumerias smell sweet, while another color can smell like jasmine, peaches or citrusy. 
My favorite observation is that for most of the year the plumeria looks like it is simply a dead tree and then all of a sudden seemingly overnight there are fireworks of gorgeous flowers that smell so sweet and lovely. 
Plumerias are a lovely reminder that at any moment fireworks of flowers can come out of nowhere, you just have to have faith. 
Plumerias are awesome!!!
This group of fairies honors the plumeria sharing the same plumeria fabric pattern in seven colors of the rainbow. Purchase one or all seven to have a rainbow set! 
  • If the fairy gets dirty, please hand wash or spot clean.
  • Fairy wings can be removed and also replaced with new wings
  • Each fairy is as unique as its owner. :-)
  • Fairies love to be out in nature. In particular, they love having their photos taken in nature and really come alive. Be sure to tag your photo on social media #unicornsquare. You will receive a response from Unicorn Square!
Fairy Ships from Maui via USPS priority.