Magical Creature Pencil Topper - The Rainbow Donkey
The Winding Road

Magical Creature Pencil Topper - The Rainbow Donkey

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I love magical creatures and these hand-made felt donkey pencil toppers are super cute. They make writing fun, and can also be used as a small puppet. ~Bridget

I trust, respect, and listen to my intuitive senses. Some have labeled me stubborn. I call this self-confidence-- knowing and respecting my boundaries. ~ The Rainbow Donkey

Unicorn Square Values:

Made from 100% natural wool, no chemicals are used during production. 

About the Maker:
We work with artisans in developing countries to help improve their standard of living by providing a fair wage and a safe workplace. We've been working with our felt supplier in Nepal since 2012, a couple in their early 20's who had moved to Kathmandu from their village to create a better life. We brought their felt goods to the US, and now have them in hundreds of stores, and employ 75+ women artisans. Part of our profits goes toward paying full school tuition for three of our worker's kids.


8" l x 3" w x 1" h

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