Postivity Crystal Soy Candle by Frequency
Postivity Crystal Soy Candle by Frequency
Postivity Crystal Soy Candle by Frequency

Postivity Crystal Soy Candle by Frequency

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I love candles however am very sensitive to additives and overly perfumey scented candles. I searched for a company that offered soy candles infused with herbs and crystals with excellent intention and mindful living. I found Frequency handmade in  Lago, Florida. It has been very well received in the shop with numerous customers returning for more. I hope you enjoy these amazing candles!  ~Bridget

Here are details from the maker:

Each candle contains an entire 15ml bottle of pure essential oilsVisualize warm spring breezes, fresh citrus, and sunshine. This citrusy blend of lemon, orange and lemongrass is rounded out with a touch of rosemary and peppermint. This crystal soy candle is topped with pink Himalayan sea salt, golden jade crystals, dried orange peel, dried lemongrass.

About Frequency

Bringing ritual into everyday tasks... one breath at a time!
Frequency LLC began with a search. After the birth of my daughter, I was looking for a full sensory aromatherapy experience. Not just an essential oil, but something more. Something with crystal energy, sight, and sound. Something to aid in the journey to calm my mind, ground myself, and focus. Something magical, mystical, and full of joy and wonder…
During pregnancy, I had also developed intense allergic reactions to commonly used synthetic fragrances and chemicals found in common beauty and skincare products. I spent months having to apply cortisone to my face every other day to keep it from swelling, cracking, and bleeding... even though I was using all of the ‘dermatologist favorites’.
I knew there had to be a better way, a better experience, that kept me clean, calm, and made me feel special.
Frequency is committed to staying pure, authentic, and transparent.


Made in USA


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