Bag Budget reallocated to Snail Mail Budget

In 2022 I have made the decision to no longer purchase bags.

Unicorn Square Bags - A Brief History

On Maui it is commonplace that everyone brings their own bags which is AMAZING!

For the tourist that was not aware or if it was a gift; I would wrap items up Mrs. Olsen from Little House on the Prairie style in muslin fabric and a ribbon. 

When the shop opened in New York, bringing your own bags is commonplace for grocery shopping, but seemingly not so much for retail shopping. The shop is also 45 minutes from a fabric store, and fabric prices have increased in my opinion particularly muslin.

I ordered bags, they were cute and would work. I also had a selection of "up-cycled" bags as many of you know I do like to "up-cycle".

One customer brought it to my attention that the bags were not recyclable and I was looking for some that were. 


Over the last year the most popular stones & crystals that have been sold assist with overcoming anxiety, fear and negativity. While I am happy to have items in the shop to assist children and grown ups, this is alarming to me and I would like to do more. 

I believe we all can agree that EVERYONE could use some words of encouragement.

In 2022 I have made the decision to no longer purchase bags.

Bring your own bag
Instead of bags, I will be purchasing stamps to send letters of encouragement to whomever needs a little sparkle in their life.
Happy messages


At the checkout area is a basket with Unicorn Square positive affirmation cards and envelopes.

I encourage all who enter the shop to participate by writing a quick note of encouragement! Bring in addresses of those that would like a note and I will walk over to the Post Office and mail them! Plus I enjoy talking story with Pat at the Post Office so I will be able to see her more often. 

Of course if you are unable to physically be present in the shop email me with an address and message and a card will be sent out. 

*Please note I do not save the addresses or enter them into a database. So no gimics or strings attached.  No purchase necessary either. I simply feel the need to send out some happiness.

Thank you for your support and if you are reading this I do hope you will participate. 

Have a lovely sparkly day!!!



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