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You start where you start.

Today we discuss life lessons learned from an orchid. It is very enlightening and I would like to thank Peaches the Orchid for the message. I would not be sharing this story with you if it were not for her. Blue Ribbon Orchid of my heart.

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Unicorn Square is Real!

The Fairies of Unicorn Square and I make special guest star appearances at various craft shows and festivals throughout the island of Maui. Each time we meet a new person the first question that comes up is "What is Unicorn Square?" I always reply "It is a real place!...but at the same time Unicorn Square is everywhere! You simply have to open your eyes to it." I moved into a renovated barn loft on Maui in 2013. The first night I slept on the floor with no furniture to speak of. I woke up the following morning and peered out a tiny window. The most enchanting sight appeared. I did the cliche rubbing of the eyes following by a slight reality...

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