About Unicorn Square

Most stories like to begin with "Once upon a time...." However, I know the exact date that this story begins, sunrise on the morning of May 2, 2013; my life changed forever.

I woke up in my new home which was a renovated barn with a second-floor studio apartment. I looked out the window to the most magnificent view I could ever have imagined and I saw ......... a unicorn! 

Unicorn Square

After that morning magic started to happen all around me and it is magnificent. I meditate a lot in the middle of Unicorn Square. Magic is everywhere; it was like Time's square for magical creatures thus it was dubbed "Unicorn Square"

The inspiration I found here inspired me to create interpretations of what I see in nature. 

The first item I created was a fairy that my Great Grandma had sewn for my mother in the 1950's. It was a very long process recreating it, a lot of trial and error. Each one is full of nature's magic and positive energy. Eventually, I began sewing fairies for friends and then thought I should share their magic with more people around the world. 

I sit outside with the fairies and unicorns at Unicorn Square often and the greatest messages they share with me is of the importance of self-acceptance, gratitude, and marveling at nature's magic! 

I have a million stories and fun items I have created. Now it is just a matter of setting them free from my mind to the world.

Most of what I have created lean towards supporting kids on their life path, but after speaking to many amazing people, there is really no age limit or gender limitations to any of the offerings and messages of Unicorn Square!

~Bridget ~

Liaison to the Fairies & Unicorns