Special Events

We are very excited to introduce to you our Fall 2021 Events Calendar!


 Special Guest Stars Contact information and clickable links:

Warrior Remedies

Eleri Smith of Warrior Remedies

Tarot Reading 11/27

Herbal Class * This month features Elderberry! 10/27

Shamanic Drumming: 11/24

Want to learn how to practice shamanic journeying safely with a supportive group.
We meet once a month in person and enjoy drumming, singing, meditation and journeying with a focused intention
Don't have a drum, don't worry, you can still join in

Community Sound Bath

Email: Warrior.remedies@gmail.com


 Kidʻs Inamojo

Sue Delamarter of Dance in the Rain Healing

Sundayʻs December 5, 12 and 19 Take one or hear the complete tale by enrolling in all three!

12:30-1:00PM and you can drop your child off and have a half hour to yourself to browse around the store or town. The children will be dancing, listening to a story and drawing a picture in a magic circle called a mandala.

$5 per child per class.  Space is limited: Sign up today!

Classes are for children ages 3-8 years old. The first classes are to introduce the children to Naga the dragon, if we have enough children interested then I will run the full series of classes which will cover the following areas for children.

Safety & Instincts    Play & Movement    Self Esteem & Courage

Compassion, Self Care & Love    Communication & Self Expression

Intuition & Nurturing Imagination    Awareness & Embracing Your Unique Self

Contact: Dance in the Rain Facebook Page

Email:  danceintherainhealing@gmail.com 




Riverstone Wellness Center

 Unicorn Square Presents 

Full Cold Moon Spiritual Sanctuary

December 18, 10am-5pm

5722 NY-86, Wilmington

Do you feel the need to hit the reset button?  Are you feeling weighed down by the stresses that come with the Holiday Season?  As we approach the New Year, would you benefit from releasing old patterns, behaviors and anxieties that no longer serve you?  Treating yourself to a Spiritual Sanctuary may be the medicine you need.

Join Bridget, Reagan and Heather as they combine their services to offer you a restorative, reflective and transformative experience to welcome the energy of the Full Cold Moon in Gemini.  To prepare you for your card reading, Heather will lead you through a series of restorative yoga postures and meditation to bring your body, mind and breath to a present, relaxed state.  Following your restorative yoga, Reagan will use sage and various crystals to cleanse your aura.  These practices align your energy with purity and presence, which allows you to be open to receiving and understanding the channeled messages Reagan brings you from the spiritual realms using shamanic journeying and Tarot as tools. 

Following your reading, Reagan will be your Moon Ceremony guide as you prepare to let go of what no longer serves you.  Using your Third Eye and Throat Chakras combined with the alchemy of fire and smoke, all of the old anxieties and burdens you carry will be released to the Spiritual Realms.  This Sacred Ceremony will create wide, open space for new and vibrant energy.

Your Spiritual Sanctuary concludes with Bridget at the Crystal Bar, where she will mentor you in the process of choosing a tool to serve your Highest Good. 

Gemini energy, with its light and intellect, asks you to be curious and open to new experiences.  Combined with the energy of a Full Moon, the last of the calendar year, Gemini provides significant power in releasing what no longer serves you.  This Spiritual Sanctuary is the perfect Sacred Space to be in to cultivate clearance and expansion before the New Year dawns. 

Cost: $135

Restorative Yoga, Reading, Moon Ceremony, Crystal Bar and Complimentary Gift are all included.

10% of proceeds go to a local family in need.

Reserve your Sacred Space by emailing Reagan at truepathoracle@gmail.com











 Unicorn Square Holiday Pop Up

*Please note: I had planned on attending Eastern US Pop-Ups, Festivals and Fairs this spring and summer however all spring shows have been cancelled. I am working exclusively online in my sequestered Unicorn Square Workshop. 

 Unicorn Square Pop-Up Unicorn Square Pop-Up 2