Fairy Gratitude Tree

Gratitude Journals are very popular at the moment with many articles written about the importance of expressing gratitude on a daily basis. 

I love to turn everything into a game and an awesome expression of the joy and gratitude in my life. I personally find it odd to write down my gratitude in a journal, close it and put it away in a dark desk drawer each day.

Instead, I created the "Fairy Gratitude Tree" It is so much fun to hand the sign in your tree and then each morning I write down my gratitude on a tag of recycled card stock with fun ribbon and hang it in the tree.

It brings me joy to see all the goodness in my life expressed in the tree. One day my Gratitude tree blossomed and It was awesome to shout "My Gratitudes are Blossoming!!!!!"

On the other side, one day big winds took all my gratitudes off the tree. At first, I was really disappointed. I found myself complaining that I was going to have to start all over expressing my gratitude. Then I caught myself.......that is not a terrible thing to have to begin again...haha.

Additionally, the thought that my gratitudes may have found themselves floating to my neighbor's house brought me a smile. What if he picked up the tag where I was grateful for having awesome family and friends and it sparked a moment of gratitude for him. 

Either way it is a super fun activity!!!!! I love to also add in fun trinkets and ribbons. I LOVE happy fun trees and encourage you to find a Gratitude Tree this summer. 

It is so much fun to see all of the goodness in your life expressed in nature.

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