Komorebi ~ My new favorite word

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Over the course of the past few years, I have found myself taking afternoon walks in the forest basking in the sunlight beaming through the trees. I also enjoy taking numerous photographs and they amaze me. The orbs that formed look like fairies dancing and it makes me smile and giggle a little.

As I was reading one evening I stumbled on the word that defines this very phenomenon. It is a Japanese word with no English translation.

Komorebi. Language: Japanese. Meaning: The interplay between light and leaves when sunlight shines through trees.

It also means Melancholic longing or nostalgia for a person, place or thing that is far away from you. This makes me wonder what is it that I am nostalgic for? 

I believe that these beams of light particularly as the sun is setting reveals a very small glimpse of a world that is normally unseen. I like to think it lifts the curtain for a marvelous look into the fairy and unicorn world; Unicorn Square. 

Now that this word has entered into my vocabulary I will use it to describe my favorite hobby that until this moment had no explanation. I encourage you to marvel at Komorebi the next time you are walking in nature.

For more photos please check out my instagram page @unicornsquare


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  • Stephen Wemyss on

    Also my new favourite word ….I finally found a word that defines this amazing experience of dancing dappled light filtering through leaves of a tree.I thing that I can never explain to people what I was talking about …to their reply “oh you mean shadows” until I found this word.I have lived in my house now for 26 years , in the hot summer sun my house is shadowed by two 900 hundred year old Moonah trees that shade the back of my deck and lounge.If you are lucky sometimes you can see the most amazing things… delicate images projected onto the walls inside my house…some even resemble strange flying winged creatures. ☀️

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