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Thank you to Maui Mama Magazine for writing the lovely article about our Fairies of Unicorn Square. Please follow this link to read the full story:


Somewhere in history the meaning of Christmas and Santa Claus took a turn into some judgemental places with one newer tradition, in particular, the Elf on the Shelf. The elf spies on children and reports back to Santa. Are they naughty or nice? Will they receive a piece of coal or a gift? 

At Unicorn Square, a Maui based company, they express self-acceptance, gratitude, and a love for the magic of nature all year long through hand-made fairies. The owner and creator, Bridget Hinman’s great-grandmother created the first fairy for her Mother and it was then handed down to her. She now hand-sews the fairies on the North Shore of Maui and adds even more magic. Their hats have lavender from Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm and each fairy has a rose quartz crystal heart, for unconditional love, sewn inside. Magnetic rainbow hematite is also sewn into their hands, which helps clear negative energy, and also makes it enjoyable to pose them. It is really fun to pose the fairies with flora and fauna out in nature and take photos. They sort of come alive! 

The fairies most magical feature though is the message tube in their wings. Children are encouraged to write messages to their fairies and the fairies reply by offering positive messages of encouragement. A child may share concerns with a fairy easier than with a parent and so the fairies can help you communicate with your child and vice versa.

At Unicorn Square, they propose a new expression of magic that is available anytime throughout the year. The fairies do not spy, yet are always there when you want them. The fairies of Unicorn Square don’t judge people for their actions, instead, offer encouragement for your child to listen to his or her own inner guidance to make better choices and trust in their unique qualities. They remind us that tomorrow is another chance to play again and are 100% on your team and on your child’s team.

Magical thinking is a powerful element of child development believed to contribute to developing the skills of communication, creativity, and social skills. Children are encouraged to take their fairy outside to charge its crystal heart in the sunshine, and in turn be outside themselves. The fairies remind your child to get off the iPad and spend more time admiring the wonders of nature. 

We are happy to announce that Unicorn Square is offering a 20% off online promotion to Mauimama readers this holiday season. If you would like to learn more about this Made-on-Maui gift you can go to the website, their social media pages (@UnicornSquare) or email if you find yourself stumped or have any questions. We wish you and your family a very merry Christmas. Thank you Unicorn Square - We believe.

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