Unicorn Square is Real!

The Fairies of Unicorn Square and I make special guest star appearances at various craft shows and festivals throughout the island of Maui. Each time we meet a new person the first question that comes up is "What is Unicorn Square?" I always reply "It is a real place!...but at the same time Unicorn Square is everywhere! You simply have to open your eyes to it."

I moved into a renovated barn loft on Maui in 2013. The first night I slept on the floor with no furniture to speak of. I woke up the following morning and peered out a tiny window. The most enchanting sight appeared. I did the cliche rubbing of the eyes following by a slight reality check that I was, in fact, awake and not dreaming.....Unicorn Square showed itself to me.

Unicorn Square Rainbow

It is indeed an amazing place full of enchanting magic! The scents, flowers, animals, insects and pure lushness make me feel as though I truly stumbled into paradise. There is not a moment that goes by where I am not marveling. On several occasions, I have stopped mid-conversation and ran into the Fairy Workshop to see the magic unfold and take a photo. Although the photos certainly don't do it justice. 

Unicorn Square Fairy Workshop

Sunset and Twilight are two of the most wonderful times. If we are lucky we see a glimpse of the unicorns. They are pretty shy but occasionally they will come out to play. There are other animals at Unicorn Square too, cats, dogs, and chickens. Each plays an important role in the magic. Of course, our fairies are everywhere and always bring the message "We believe in You!"

Unicorn Square

I believe that this goodness can be found everywhere! The trees at Unicorn Square send out messages via the World Wide Root System it is also how the fairies travel all over the world helping all plants to grow; cheering them on to be the very best version of themselves. Everything is connected; therefore Unicorn Square is everywhere. 

Sometimes I wonder if this experience is how a fairytale begins. Once upon a time, a lost girl stumbled into paradise. Where will this story go? I certainly have no idea but I love it and am having fun in this beautiful world I fell into.

I post daily on our Instagram story feed the happenings of Unicorn Square. You can follow along and watch the sunset with us, listen to the sounds and cheer for all the glorious flowers blooming daily. The only thing we have not figured out is how to send you the scents. They are delightful and make you giggle....

Hugs and sparkles from Unicorn Square,



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