About Me

Bridget Hinman
I discovered Unicorn Square by accident; only there are no accidents. My passion is sharing Unicorn Square as a way to bring encouraging messages of peace and happiness to the world. It has been an exceptional journey bringing my vision to life. I do not own a TV therefore my entertainment is my imagination and the magic of nature.

I was once dubbed the Human Sparkle by my dear friends and that has now become my favorite description of who I am and hope to be to everyone I meet.

I am also a Certified Fairyologist, too.

I feel as though I have lived 20 different lives in this lifetime and throughout it all one consistent theme has rang true. My absolute love, admiration and gratitude for nature and water.

Bridget Hinman is a certified fairyologistWhen not creating fairies at Unicorn Square, I enjoy swimming in the ocean and running with the purple dragonflies at a secret magical spot. I love hiking in pine forests and swimming in mountain lakes. Oh, and I also love to hear the whales sing when they arrive each winter.