Phantom Quartz
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Phantom Quartz

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*High Vibration Stone

Formed when a crystal stops growing, mineral dust falls on it, and then the crystal begins to grow again, the mineral inclusion determining the color. Symbolizing universal awareness and the many lifetimes of the soul, this crystal is helpful in making transitions, especially to the next life. Activating healing abilities and stimulating healing for the planet, a phantom facilitates accessing the Akashic Record and recovering repressed memories. The Phantom Quartz reminds us that what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. 

Taking you traveling through your innermost being, a multilayered phantom strips away the layers to reveal your core.

It helps discover a plan for this lifetime and assess the next step. When you meditate with the Phantom Quartz it works like a natural antidepressant but without any side effects. This stone reconciles you to your shadow. The Phantom Quartz properties work by guiding us on the path to finding a resolution to our problems, which sometimes is as simple as letting go.